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The Hunger Games trilogy is a fun read. Real or not real? I guess the answer will depend on whether you can relate to the undecidedly, whiney bitch Katniss. I had a hard time finishing the Mockingjay, which is the last book of the series.

One thing missing from The Hunger Games series is character development. This is the same in Mockingjay. Katniss never evolved from being the clueless teen who found herself in the middle of a revolution. Gale and Peeta remained paper-thin. I didn’t even care who she chooses in the end.

Suzanne Collins managed to describe how appalling war can be in Mockingjay. A lot of characters died in the book, including someone very close to Katniss. She could have used the horrors of war as a way to redeem Katniss’ character but she remained empty until the very end.

I think that Suzanne Collins was lazy or chasing a deadline when she wrote Mockingjay. We were given summaries of the events. Instead of showing us the story, she told it to the readers. Finnick was written as one of the most likeable characters in The Hunger Games but he was killed in a sentence. The same goes for Prim’s death.

Even Katniss’ decision to agree with President Coin for another Hunger Games featuring children of Capitol citizens was not explained. I know she did it so that she gets an opportunity to stop Coin but that was not obvious in the text.

Mockingjay featured Katniss at her finest. She was seen hiding, crying, and running most of the time. Then there’s the time she spent sleeping at the hospital. Instead of being engrossed with the story, I found myself putting it down. This is the reason why it took some time for me to finish the book. If I can choose to unread books from all the books that I’ve read so far, The Hunger Games trilogy would be on top of the list.

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