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Hot Summer Days is how you can describe the weather we’re experiencing in the Philippines. The temperature has reached record levels during the past days. This is also the premise of the Hong Kong movie released in 2010. As the days get hotter, tempers flare, people act more irrational and they find love when they least expect it.

Hot Summer Days is a romantic comedy that takes place in Hong Kong Beijing and Shenzhen. It consists of several love stories amidst a sizzling summer. There’s the driver (Jackie Cheung), a single father who is recovering from heat stroke. He accidentally sends an SMS to a pianist-turned-foot masseuse (Rene Liu). The single message sent by mistake sparks a romance between the two and shows how SMS helps in fostering a long distance relationship.

Elsewhere in Hong Kong, a food critic (Vivian Hsu) tries to convince a sushi chef (Daniel Wu) to take their relationship to the next level. But he is too busy with his work to accept her proposal. All I can remember from their story is his moustache that makes him look like a porn star.

While everyone is complaining about the hot weather, an air conditioner repairman (Nicholas Tse) is making lots of money out of it. Then one day a mysterious biker chick (Barbie Hsu) comes and he literally pursues her. Their story is bitter sweet because Barbie’s character is sick. Think of it as a Nicolas Sparks novel. He also has an issue with his beach vendor father (Gordon Liu), who has a habit of telling bad jokes to bikini-clad beach dwellers.

In mainland China, a young villager (Jing Boran) tries to prove his worth to a factory worker (Angelababy). He has to stand outside the factory at noon for 100 days straight. It’s funny to see how he tries his best to keep his promise even when it’s scorching hot. I almost didn’t recognize her as the innocent village girl. Their story stands out among the rest because of its light comedic nature.

Lastly, there’s the story of an arrogant photographer (Duan Yihong) and his loyal apprentice (Fu Xinbo). They travel across the country to hunt down a model (Michelle Wai) who they suspect has cursed the photographer, which resulted into his blindness. Photographer turns cupid and matches model with apprentice.

Although it might seem illogical but all the love stories intertwine with each other. Some of the characters meet during the course of the movie. One movie that pops in my mind right away after watching Hot Summer Days is Love, Actually. The latter shows warmth during a cold season and this movie will give you a heat stroke. It has it flaws but they can easily be overlooked due to the likeable characters.

While I don’t recommend watching Hot Summer Days at this time because you will tend to sweat more in this heat if you see sweaty people on screen. And don’t expect nudity in it because there is none. This is a wholesome romantic comedy for the whole family. There’s something in it for everyone.

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