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Ghastly is the most recent creepy kid horror movie from South Korea. It is about Bin (Lee Hyung Suk), a boy who witnessed the brutal death of his parents. The reason behind their murders is still unknown at the beginning of the movie. His uncle Jang Hwan (Park Sung Min), takes him in and now lives with him along with his wife Sunny (Han Eun Jung)  and her wife’s sister Yoo Rin (Hyomin).

Ghastly suffers from the lack of originality of the story. None of the scenes are scary at all. You can predict what will happen next. It features a lot of formulaic moments already done in past horror movies.

One of the things I like about Ghastly is Han Eun Jung. Her performance is convincing enough to convey that something terrifying is happening around her. It’s a bonus that she’s easy to the eyes. The audience knows that the boy is evil but Sunny is clueless about it. This is a bit frustrating and there are times that you would want to knock some sense into her.

Hyomin of T-ara plays Sunny’s little sister. I don’t have any problems with Hyomin because I’m a T-ara fan. I do have some issues with her character. Yoo Rin appears to be a spoiled brat who competes for her sister’s attention. Her sister is experiencing some financial problems and yet you see her partying in a club with her T-ara friends. To be honest, I expected her to be the first one to die.

Overall, Ghastly is a bad horror movie. There really is no reason to watch it except if you’re an Asian horror lover or a rabid T-ara fan.

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