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Mackerel Run is a short high school drama starring Lee Min Ho and Moon Chae Won. This was aired two years before Boy Over Flowers was aired. It wasn’t remarkable or a cut above other dramas but I still enjoyed watching it. I was so engrossed with it that I completed the 8 episodes in 3 sittings. I could have done it in 1 or 2 but work got in the way.

Cha Gong Chan (Lee Min Ho) is the school’s black sheep. He used to be part of the football team but was kicked out after scoring an own goal at an important match. Then he met Min Yoo Seo (Moon Chae Won), a transfer student. It was love at first sight for Gong Chan. He was on the verge of dropping out of school but because of Yoo Seo, he tried his best to avoid being expelled.

A romantic comedy is incomplete without a third wheel. In Mackerel Run, we have Baek Hyun (Kwon Se In). He’s the only person who knew about Yoo Seo’s past and family background, which is shrouded in mystery. I don’t get why her mom, the principal, had to hide the fact that Yoo Seo was her daughter. Maybe it was because the drama was shortened that we didn’t get to know the full story of their relationship.

As a matter of fact, Mackerel Run felt like it was abruptly stopped. I don’t know why but I read somewhere that it was supposed to have a total of 16 episodes. But nevertheless, I enjoyed it. I had to thank Moon Chae Won for that. She’s perfect as the mysterious Yoo Seo. It’s as if the role was tailor-made for her. Plus, it also has a very cute Park Bo Young, who played their klutzy classmate and provided lots of funny moments in the series.

Actually this is not the first time that I saw Lee Min Ho, Moon Chae Won and Park Bo young together. Our School E.T. is a movie released a year after Mackerel Run that featured the three as classmates once again. But its story is nothing like Mackerel Run.

Mackerel Run is a light high school drama that could help you forget about your problems. Or it could bring back your problems with regards to your first love, friends and growing up in general. It is not as grand as Boys Over Flowers in terms of settings and plot but it is entertaining in its own simple way.

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