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City Under Siege is a sci-fi action movie from Hong Kong. Compared to Hollywood movies, this is a B-movie. Aaron Kwok stars as Sunny, a circus clown who dreams of becoming a famous knife thrower like his father. It also features the beautiful Shu Qi as Angel, a TV reporter and Sunny’s damsel in distress.

Sunny is always bullied by his fellow circus performers. One day, the group, led by Dachu (Collin Chou), decided to explore a mine shaft. They didn’t know that it used to be a bio-chemical lab and they were exposed to an unknown gas that gave them superhuman powers. Dachu and his gang used their newly acquired power to commit a crime spree while Sunny tried his best to stop them.

City Under Siege began slow but once they got their powers, the pace got better. It was like watching the X-Men in an old-fashioned Chinese action movie. It is much better than Andy Lau’s Future X-Cops, which was another Hong Kong sci-fi action flick released in 2010.

The movie featured two capable actresses but they were underused. Shu Qi played the typical helpless girl while Zhang Jing Chu’s character was forgettable. It’s too bad that their talent was not maximized in City Under Siege.

If you can look past the crappy special effects and the clichés, City Under Siege is an entertaining action movie. It has several funny scenes, even though some were unintentional. It is good but nothing special.

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