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Joo Young Soo (Kim Myung Min) is a pastor but after his only daughter was kidnapped, his life turned for the worst. The kidnapper explicitly told him not to tell the cops but he brought them during the handing of the ransom. The kidnapper took the money and the pastor didn’t see her daughter since then.

Eight years later, Joo Young Soo is no longer a pastor and now runs a business to make ends meet. He is now divorced with his wife Park Min Kyung (Park Joo Mi). He believes that their daughter is already dead while his wife is still looking for her. She forwards missing children cases to detective Koo (Lee Byung Joon) in the hopes that these are connected with her missing daughter.

Then Joo Young Soo received a call from the kidnapper to tell him that his daughter is alive (now played by actress Kim So Hyun) and he could get her back if he pays a large ransom. He tries hard to collect the amount and even pulled the plug of his ex-wife for insurance money. But this time around he leaves the police out of it and becomes a Man of Vendetta.

The movie is about a man who loses his faith and Kim Myung Min did a good job to portray the character’s transition from being a pastor to a Man of Vendetta in the end. The movie focused a lot of time to differentiate Joo’s life before and after his daughter was kidnapped. This part of the story is believable. We can read a lot of stories in newspapers and online about lives ruined because they lost a loved one.

The illogical part of Man of Vendetta is the kidnapper’s motives for his acts, which is not explained at all. Except for his obsession with high-end audio equipment, Choi Byung Chul (Uhm Ki Joon) seems normal. Yet he acts thoughtlessly at times, like the time he killed a couple in broad daylight. It makes you wonder how he managed to evade being caught by the cops.

This is a different Uhm Ki Joon in Man of Vendetta. Last time I saw him was in Dream High, where he played a mild mannered music teacher. Lee Byung Joon was also different in that musical series, where he tormented Teacher Kang as the Principal of Kirin Art High School.

Man of Vendetta is an unpredictable thriller. Maybe it was due to the fact that the serial killer/kidnapper is illogical with his actions. It is a movie of revenge, which the pastor managed to get in the end. If you like thrillers then you’ll enjoy this one. Just don’t think too much.

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