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Pinoy Sunday is a Taiwanese movie but most of the dialogues are in Filipino with the occasional Mandarin, Taiwanese and English lines. It is a light comedy about two Filipino migrant workers in Taiwan – Dado Tagalog (Bayani Agbayani) and Manuel dela Cruz (Epy Quizon). The two had to carry the movie (and a red sofa) on their shoulders.

Dado is the typical Filipino migrant worker who chose to leave his wife and kid in the Philippines to earn more money overseas. He works in a factory and sends money back to his family back home. Even though he works hard for his family back home, the loneliness in a foreign land got to him and has a relationship with Anna (Meryll Soriano) who works as a domestic helper in Taiwan.

Manuel is Dado’s hopeless romantic co-worker. Unlike Dado, he doesn’t have any financial obligation back home. He uses their free day, which is Sunday, to chase after girls and his newest target is Celia (Alessandra de Rossi) the bargirl.

One Sunday Dado and Manuel found an abandoned red sofa and they decided to take it back to their dorm. Pinoy Sunday began as a peek into the life of Filipino workers in Taiwan but turned into a dumb buddy movie.

The red sofa represents the hardships that the two friends experienced in the foreign land. Pinoy Sunday showed that true friends will stay with you no matter what happens. I just didn’t like the way the story played out. There are some scenarios that are too absurd. I can’t believe that the two guys are that stupid.

Bayani Agbayani and Epy Quizon are good and their on-screen chemistry is credible. But don’t expect it to be a laugh out loud movie. It is best to watch Pinoy Sunday with a friend. At least the two of you can distract each other when the movie becomes tedious to watch.

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