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The latest reincarnation of Petrang Kabayo is a far cry from the original one. The Roderick Paulate movie is more superior than this remake in many ways. I blame everything on its director Wenn Deramas.

Petrang Kabayo is about a boy (young Peter played by Makisig Morales) who’s maltreated by his father Poldo (John Arcilla) because he’s gay. One day he decided to run away and met Biday (Eugene Domingo), who adopted him as her own.

Peter grew up (now played by Vice Ganda) to be a meanie. He abuses the people and even the horses in Biday’s ranch. This made Diobayo (Eagle Riggs) put a curse on him. Every time he mistreats anyone, he will turn into a horse. The curse can only be broken when he is kissed on the lips by a man who loves him unconditionally. The unlucky guy who caught Peter’s eye is Erickson (Luis Manzano).

Now where do I start? Aside from the typical fairy tale as its plot, Petrang Kabayo suffered from technical errors. Post-editing of the movie felt like it was done by amateurs. It felt like I was watching a camera rip of the movie. People who paid to watch this movie is ripped off.

I don’t want to disrespect people who find Vice Ganda to be funny but I just don’t find rumor in his brand of comedy. His sarcastic one-liners are funny at first but to make a movie based on that alone can be tedious. Plus slapstick routines are stale.

One thing I learned from the movie is that horses also have feelings and I don’t want to hurt Vice Ganda’s by listing the other things I hated about Petrang Kabayo. Race day in Santa Ana Park or San Lazaro Leisure Park is more entertaining than this movie.

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