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I thought Hating Kapatid was a comedy movie when I pressed the play button but it turned out to be a very long commercial break. Judy Ann Santos and Sarah Geronimo are two of the most popular endorsers in the Philippines and I think the producers knew they can make easy money from these two.

Hating Kapatid is about two sisters, Rica (Judy Ann Santos) and Cecil (Sarah Geronimo). Their parents had to go abroad to work and left them in the care of their grandmother Gerty (Gina Pareno). At a very young age, Rica took the responsibility to be both father and mother for Cecil. She even sacrificed her personal life and left her boyfriend Bong (JC de Vera) so that she can focus on tending for Cecil.

When Cecil graduated from college, their parents decided that it’s the right time to come back home. Now instead of being happy it, Rica was angry at their parents for returning and can’t accept that she has to share Cecil to anyone else. Then there’s the goofy Luis Manzano playing Cecil’s boyfriend. Rica can’t have one and Cecil shouldn’t have a love-life as well.

Hating Kapatid was tolerable and at times funny, especially when Vice Ganda delivers her one-liners but overall it lacked substance. It felt cheap with all the product placements throughout the movie. The producer must have made a killing with the product endorsements featured in the movie. I know that Hating Kapatid did well in the Philippine box office and it’s probably due to the large fan base of both stars.

The Philippine movie industry is dying and Hating Kapatid is a prime example of why it is in that state for the longest time. It had all the potentials. Maybe I enjoyed it more if it was done by a different director and with less product placements. If I’ve known from the start I’ll see a lot of endorsements in this movie then I should have turned on the TV and watched CFs instead.


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