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I was disappointed with Death Bell 2 or Gosa 2. The first Death Bell was a good horror movie. It was about a bunch of students who are killed by a mysterious entity. Now we have Death Bell 2, a sequel but I don’t really know how it deserves to be called one.

The events that led to the killing in this sequel have nothing to do with the events of the first Death Bell. It is an entirely new movie with nothing to link it to the original movie; maybe that the two movies took placed in a high school campus.

Death Bell 2 is just like the first one with different cast members. Now we have Kim Soo Ro as one of the teachers. He’s just like his character in My Teacher E.T., which I enjoyed. I can’t say the same thing with this movie.

And just like in the first Death Bell where they casted Nam Gyu Ri to play the lead role, in the sequel another idol plays the lead in the person of Jiyeon of T-ara as Se-hee. I don’t have anything against her but her portrayal was uninteresting and almost cured my insomnia. Almost.

Another similarity between the two Death Bell movies is that they both had revenge and supernatural beings. In Death Bell 2, Tae Yeon (Yoon Seung Ah) was killed a few years before and her boyfriend Jung Bum (Son Ho Joon) took the rap for it.

While in prison, his mother died. Because of this, Jung Bum planned to get his revenge on the real culprits of Tae Yeon’s murder. He was helped by his sister who is now a teacher in the school. I thought that I was watching a Korean Saw because of the methods used in killing the students.

The director and writer wanted to be smart and showed an open ending just as when the end credits were rolling. We see Jung Bum was trying to resuscitate Tae Yeon but an unknown entity came from the pool and killed her.

If you saw Death Bell 1 or Gosa then you’ll be as disappointed as me with this sequel. Death Bell 2 Bloody Camp tried to ride on the success of the original Gosa but failed to bring something new to the table. Be very afraid about this movie. Watching it can result to your death due to boredom.


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