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Guy meets girl but girl brushes him off. This turned guy on and pursues the girl who in the end, falls for the guy as well. Yes, Love Happens is a typical romantic comedy starring Aaron Eckhart and Jennifer Aniston.

Aaron Eckhart is Burke, an author of a bestseller about dealing with the loss of a loved one. He is an effective motivational speaker but inside he still can’t get over the death of his wife that happened three years ago. Jennifer Aniston is Eloise the florist. She just broken up with her boyfriend and doesn’t want to be involved at the moment.

Love Happens revolves on how Burke and Eloise get close with each other and let love happen. But I didn’t see that at all. The chemistry between the two stars were just not there. There’s no sparks between them. Maybe it is because Aniston’s character was developed poorly that you can’t really root for them.

Another thing I didn’t like about Love Happens is that it sent out the message that it is okay to go into a relationship even if you’re not a hundred percent ready for one. Everything in the movie seemed contrived and unbelievable.

I know that product placement is something that can’t be avoided but curing a guy through a shopping spree at a Home Depot is overdoing it. Love Happens felt like a long TV commercial.

Eloise (Jennifer Aniston): If you had a brain in either head, you’d know that I’m doing what’s best for both of us.

I’m doing what’s best for those who haven’t seen this travesty yet. Aside from the cinematography, there’s nothing good about it. Love Happens is a very bad romantic comedy. Don’t look for love to happen in this movie. There’s no romance in this one. It also failed in the comedy department. It failed to make me laugh even once. Plus it is predictable and Jennifer Aniston is a robot in this one. If you’re feeling down, avoid this one.


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