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I watched One Missed Call Final or Chakushin Ari Final without any knowledge that it is the third and final installation of the series. Maybe I should have watched the first two movies first to be familiar with the mythos behind the movie.

In One Missed Call Final, Emiri (Meisa Kuroki) is a shy high school girl bullied by her classmates. Asuka (Maki Horikita) stood up for her and became the target of the bullying. Instead of being in Asuka’s side, Emiri avoided her so that she wouldn’t be bullied again. Asuka tried to commit suicide but was saved by the school janitor. After that, Asuka remains in a coma.

The class goes to a field trip to Korea and strange things start to happen. Just like in any other horror movie, the pretty one dies first and in this case it was Azusa, played by Miho Amakawa. One by one, the students met their grisly death.

One Missed Call Final felt like a Final Destination movie except the deaths are caused by a vengeful spirit. Pam, or such I say Asuka’s alter-ego, is the one sending the cursed photos to her classmates’ mobile phones. It is a good premise for a horror movie but it got confusing when they tried to tie things up in the end.

Suddenly One Missed Call Final turned into Train Man as Emiri and An Jinu (Jang Geun Suk) asked netizens to send Asuka words of encouragement. I don’t get how a spiritual alter-ego can be connected to the computer and flooding her inbox can help solve the problem.

Like Emiri in the end, I was dazed and confused by the turn of events in One Missed Call Final. It tried too hard to have a clever twist to the story but it didn’t happen. Plus it failed to scare me at all. Maki Horikita made me stay until the end of the movie but I was not entertained by it. If not for Maki, I’ll say it was a waste of time.

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