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The Lincoln Lawyer is Michael Connelly’s first Mickey Haller book. He is known as the Lincoln Lawyer because he owns a bunch of Lincoln Town Cars and he uses the back seat as his office. Haller is known as the lawyer who can get the best deal for his clients, which include drug dealers, hookers, and other seedy characters. He dreaded the day when he can’t recognize innocence anymore.

Someday, he sees himself offering limousine service when his days of being a lawyer are over. But those days are not in Haller’s near future when he landed a franchise case. Louis Roulet, a rich real estate broker, is tagged with attempted murder of a prostitute and it’s up to Haller to prove that Roulet is innocent as he claimed to be from the start.

What seemed to be a simple case that wouldn’t even get to trial suddenly became complicated and unexpected twists in the story occurred. Haller’s friend/investigator was murdered when he got near the true evil that’s behind the crime. It turned out that the latest case is just the tip of the iceberg and that the real culprit was behind a series of rapes and murders.

Haller is reminded of Jesus Menendez, a former client who was sentenced for the committing the same crime. Menendez also told Haller that he didn’t do it but evidence pointed otherwise and Haller got him a deal with the DA.

In Lincoln Lawyer, Michael Connelly introduced three characters that will recur throughout the Mickey Haller books. First one is his deceased father who was a famous defense attorney during his time. Then there are Haller’s two wives, one’s a public prosecutor while the other remains as his secretary.

The Lincoln Lawyer is a good starter book if you’re new to Michael Connelly’s works. It combines background investigation and courtroom drama and spiced it with interesting characters. This is a recommended read for those who like to enjoy a good legal thriller.

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