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Doctor Champ is a sports/medical drama that takes place in a Korean athletic village. It’s just months before the Asian Games and everyone is busy training for it. Doctor Lee Do Wook (Uhm Tae Woong) is the new medical director of the facility. He reminds me of House. He has a limp and its history is a vital part of the plot.

His first order of business is to hire another doctor and he chose Kim Yeon Woo (Kim So Yun). This job offer came even though Do-wook knew about her case against the head surgeon of the hospital she previously worked in.

The last time I saw Kim So Yun was as a butt-kicking North Korean agent in IRIS. You can imagine my surprise seeing her in Doctor Champ as a doctor being bullied by her superiors. It was a good thing that House, I mean Do-wook was there to take her under his wing.

If you think that two doctors would make a nice couple then you’re up for a major disappointment. There are two other characters in Doctor Champ to make this a love square (a pentagon actually if you include a minor character that’s in love with one of the main ones.).

Park Ji Heon (Jeong Kyeo Woon) is a Judo athlete who promised his dead brother that he’ll win a gold medal someday. It was love at first sight for him when he had a chance meeting with Doc Yeon-woo in episode one and it took him up to the last episode to court the pretty doctor. By the way, he has a pretty sister-in-law (Song Ji Eun).

Then there’s the beautiful Kang Hee Yeong (Cha Ye Ryeon), who is Do Wook’s former flame and now one of the coaches of the Korean national swimming team. During the progress of Doctor Champ they managed to have the proper closure for their botched relationship. What happens to their future was left open as Episode 16 ends.

Kwon Yuri is also in Doctor Champ but she’s not the one in So Nyuh Shi Dae. She’s a swimmer played by Kang So Ra. She’s the minor character mentioned above who was in love with the judo guy. She introduced a conflict during the last few episodes of Doctor Champ. Doc Yeon-woo found some tumors in her lungs, which fortunately turned out to be benign.

Even though Ji Heon only got the Silver Medal in the Asian Games, he felt like he won the Gold when Yeon Woo became his girlfriend. Doctor Champ shows that life goes on even we’re faced with obstacles in the way. Take for instance Yoo Sang Bong (Jeong Seok Won). He was crippled as a result of a freak accident during a match but at least he got to meet a pretty nurse played by Min Hyo Rin.

Speaking of cameos, Onew of Shinee also made one during the last episode of Doctor Champ where he played a doctor applying for a job in the athletic village. Another boy group member Shindong of Super Junior is part of the cast as one of the judokas.

Doctor Champ is a feel good Korean drama series with a few heavy parts. It’s a mix of House, Grey’s Anatomy, ER, Dream, and Heading to the Ground. There were a couple of conflicts that the main characters had to face but they managed to solve the problems when the series ended. If you’re down and troubled, go to a karaoke bar. Or watch a Doctor Champ episode.

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