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This is a Sungkyunkwan Scandal review from a guy. This drama made me love Mondays again. I want the weekend to end so that Monday will come and a new episode to be uploaded. At first I waited for it to be subbed before watching the episode. But after a couple of episodes, I found myself watching the new episode unsubbed as soon as it’s available.

Yes I was infected with the Sungkyunkwan Scandal fever. This surprised me because I don’t really like period pieces. Someone I know loves Park Yoochun and told me I should also watch it too. Good thing I listened to her or else I would have missed the best Kdrama of the year.

I could have easily dismissed Sungkyunkwan Scandal as a drama that relied on eye-candy to sustain its viewership. Aside from Micky Yoochun, the girls swoon all over Song Joong Ki and Yoo Ah In. Some girls even find Professor Jung to be handsome. For us guys there’s the sweetest Park Min Young and Kim Min Seo. Seo Hyo Rim is also part of the cast but I don’t really find her attractive.

Its plot is something we’ve already seen before. Sungkyunkwan Scandal is about a poor girl who had to pretend to be a guy to enter a school. There she meets a group of guys who she’ll have a misunderstanding at first but in the end they’ll all end up as friends.

But there’s something about Sungkyunkwan Scandal that made it stand out among the rest of Korean dramas. My Girlfriend is a Gumiho was a very honest drama with a very likable cast. Sungkyunkwan Scandal might not be too honest with all the secrets that each character has but they are all likable. You’ll even find yourself rooting for the despicable student president Ha In-soo (Jeon Tae Soo) in the end.

Even if Sungkyunkwan Scandal takes place in the Joseon Dynasty, it is still applicable in modern times. It’s about how the youth of the nation can change the course of history. Kim Yoon Hee, Lee Sun Joon, Gu Yong Ha, and Moon Jae Shin wished for a society where everyone is equal.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal is a very romantic drama. Lee Sun Joon fell for Kim Yoon Shik when he/she’s really Kim Yoon Hee. Comparisons to Coffee Prince are inevitable because they share the same scenario.The hopeless romantic in me loved every scene they share, especially their very cute kiss. Then there’s the Yong Ha/Jae Shin couple that contributed a lot of squeal moments to someone I know.

My only complaint about Sungkyunkwan Scandal is that I felt the ending was rushed. I do think that twenty episodes were not enough for an epic story that they had going. I usually don’t like time jumps during endings but its use in this drama is seamless.

I see Sungkyunkwan Scandal to be immortalized in various fanfics, fanmade videos, and reviews. This will be talked about for years to come. It now sits on top of my Korean drama list. The Jalguem Four is way better than the F4. Now that it has ended, I dread Mondays again.

Agree or disagree, share your thoughts in the comment section.

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