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Beauty on Duty got its plot from Sandra Bullock’s Miss Congeniality. Chung Oi Fang (Charlene Choi) has to go undercover as a pageant contestant to protect a key witness’ daughter, June (Man-kwan Lee). The witness will not testify if something bad happens to his daughter.

Fang is not alone in this mission. Backing her up is Iron Mary (Sandra Ng), Stephen (Sui-man Chim), Detective Lu (Yi Lu), and her dad (Shiu Hung Hui). A mix-up in their cover resulted into humorous moments in Beauty on Duty, with one involving alligators.

There’s a side-plot involving Fang and the idol Jerry (William Chan). It was love at first sight for them but they realized that they come from different sides of the fence and it would never work out for them. She opted out for a secret relationship and went for a simple life with a “gay” guy.

Beauty on Duty can’t avoid being compared to Miss Congeniality. The similarities are definitely there. Except for the kung fu scenes and the pretty Chinese girls, Beauty on Duty is a Miss Congeniality copycat. But it didn’t mean that it’s not entertaining. On the contrary it had several laugh-out-loud moments. The jokes might be a little outdated for a movie that was released this year but you will still find yourself laughing.

Sandra Ng should give Charlene Choi of the duo Twins some acting lessons on how to do a comedy. Charlene Choi barely did well in Beauty on Duty. If she’s not an eye-candy, I would have given her a failing grade for her role in this movie. Beauty on Duty is enjoyable. It wouldn’t win any acting awards for its cast members but you’ll be entertained by it.

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