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Fans of war movies should watch 71: Into the Fire. This Korean film is said to be based on the account of one of the student soldiers who managed to chronicle their last stand against the invading North Korean army.

You can tell that 71: Into the Fire will be an action-packed movie with gunfire and explosions right from the get go. Fans of Choi Seung Hyun or popularly known as TOP from Big Bang will see a different side of their idol in this one. He plays Oh Jang-beom, the leader of the student soldiers who were tasked to defend Pohang.

Among the other 71 student soldiers is Koo Kap Jo (Kwon Sang Woo), who at first disdained authority and hated following orders given by Jang Beom. 71: Into the Fire is a coming of age movie for the student soldiers. You can see how Jang-beom matures as the movie progresses. Kap Jo also learned how to be responsible and not just think about himself all the time.

Also in 71: Into the Fire is Kim Seung Woo as a South Korean officer. I find this funny because the last time I saw Kim Seung Woo and TOP together was in IRIS, where they both played North Korean agents. TOP’s character in both IRIS and 71: Into the Fire are somehow similar in a way because he hardly spoke in both projects.

71: Into the Fire showed that the Korean War is a war between countrymen. This is the sad truth about it. Just like in any other war in the history of mankind, there’s really no winner in the end. Everyone loses. The movie is two hours long but it doesn’t feel like it. 71 student soldiers against battalions of North Koreans, you can guess how it would end. No one survived the massacre but at least they managed to delay the North Korean army advance into South Korea.

There are several noteworthy scenes in 71: Into the Fire. Action is non-stop from start to finish. TOP fans might have a hard time watching it with all the gore and blood in it. But I know that won’t stop the rabid fans from watching this movie. If you love war movies like Saving Private Ryan then you’ll enjoy this movie.


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