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The Korean drama Coffee House is pretty much like my love of coffee shops. I don’t drink coffee but I go there to satisfy my iced choco cravings. Coffee House didn’t have a café as its primary setting but it did manage to keep me interested for 18 episodes through its chocolaty sweetness and humor.

Coffee House is a Korean romantic comedy series about a famous novelist Lee Jin Soo (Kang Ji Hwan) and his relationship with the Seo Eun Yeong (Park Si Yeon), who is the CEO of the publishing company. They are friends since college. They looked like they are meant for each other but fate has other plans for them.

If you think that it’s a predictable romantic comedy, it’s not. Eun Yeong’s ex-boyfriend Han Ji Won (Jeong Woong In) is doing all it takes to win her back. Jin-soo on the other hand hired Kang Seung Yeon (Ham Eun Jung of T-ara) and she developed a crush on her boss. Seung-yeon can’t see that Kim Dong Wook (Park Jae Jeong), the manager of the café downstairs, had his eyes on her.

Si Yeon did a good job in Coffee House even though you can see her limp in some of the scenes. Plus she is my eye-candy of the series. She’s perfect from every angle. Not that I’m saying that T-ara’s Eun Jung is not pretty. She is but Si Yeon is just perfect. And did I already say that Si Yeon is perfect?

From Page 1 to Page 18, Coffee House was unpredictable. You wouldn’t know who will end up with who until the final episode. Plus every episode has their funny moments, which makes it a very entertaining series.


Coffee House is in Korea and not in Galapagos Island. Seung Yeon’s novel is set on the island and she is seen going there alone in the ending. Yes, writer ended up with the CEO.

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