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Everything happens for a reason but I don’t know why I waited this long to watch Kick-Ass. It is by far the best movie I’ve seen in 2010. It definitely deserved all the hype it got and a lot more. Maybe it’s because everyone wished to be a superhero once in our lifetime.

Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson) is an unpopular high school student who decided to become a superhero even though he has neither special powers nor abilities. So he dons a green spandex suit and becomes Kick-Ass.

Okay, so the main hero Kick-Ass pretty much had his ass kicked everytime he tried to help someone out. He provided the comedic relief as he tried to save the world but end up getting beaten up. It’s a good thing that he’s not the only superhero in town.

Enter Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage) and his daughter Hit Girl (Chloe Moretz), who is probably the best ever little person I’ve seen in a movie; beating Yoda by just a few punches. She commands the viewer’s attention whenever she’s on screen. I bet she can beat the hell out of GoGo Yubari in a death match. Without Hit Girl, Kick-Ass will just be another superhero movie. Hit Girl made it into a great one.

Chris D’Amico (Christopher Mintz-Plasse): Yeah, that’s right! We’re superheroes! You love us!

Superbad’s McLovin Christopher Mintz-Plasse plays an important role in Kick-Ass. Chris D’Amico went from being an annoyance into one of the most important characters in the movie. His life is complicated being a son of a crime lord who wants to be a superhero as well.

The pacing of Kick-Ass was perfect. There were no dead spots and provided all the right elements to make it interesting all throughout its runtime. It had the correct mixture of teen angst, bloody violence, and comedy.

Kick-Ass is not for everyone, especially those who don’t like violence and gore. If you like Kill Bill and Superbad then you’ll definitely love this one. I didn’t know that a foul-mouth preteen girl can make such an impact that contributed to this movie’s greatness.

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