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Kung Fu Chefs tried to incorporate Kung Fu martial arts with culinary arts. It’s about the village chef Wong Ping-Yee (Sammo Hung), who got set up by his own nephew Master Joe (Fan Siu-Wong) and was banished from their village.

Fast forward to the present and he ended up working in the family restaurant of his brother’s master. The restaurant is now run by the daughters Shen Qing (Cherrie Ying) and Ying (Ai Kago). He also brought Ken (Vanness Wu) under his wings to be his apprentice.

Let me start with Kung Fu Chef’s good point, which are its fight sequences. It was nice to see Sammo Hung doing old school action. The scenes were just right, without the blood and gore that most action movies these days usually have. They were well choreographed and enjoyable to watch.

But that’s the only thing Kung Fu Chefs has to offer. Like old-fashioned Chinese movies, it has a weak plot and is purely driven by revenge. The first half has a solid storyline but they had to put in the cooking part of the story and this is where chaos began. It was as if the channel was changed from an action movie to the Iron Chef. Even the set of the cooking contest came straight from the TV show.

Editing was terrible. There were scenes where there were problems in the continuity. I’ve seen better editing from amateur short films than this. There were sequences that were irrelevant. One such example is the Kitchen Musical where Ying was throwing stuffs to Ken and the other staffs were banging on things to create a beat.

All these mistakes are easily dismissed whenever Ai Kago or Aibon of Morning Musame is on screen. Her saccharine sweetness is overflowing that she can easily overshadow Vanness Wu’s presence. Well, that’s her effect on me.

I’ll add Kung Fu Chefs in my Could-Have-Been-Great list. It lacked the humor of Kung Fu Soccer or Kung Fu Hustle. I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone but if you enjoy watching Iron Chef or Cooking Master Boy, then you might enjoy this one. And don’t be misled about seeing Barbie Hsu as part of the casts. She’s not in this one.

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