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No, Seducing Mr Perfect is not a wrestling movie featuring WWF’s Mr Perfect. It is a Korean romantic comedy starring Daniel Henney as Robin and Uhm Jung Hwa as Min-joon. It’s a typical odd couple story with the usual ending. Don’t look for surprises and twists in this one.

Their love story began when Min-joon bumped Robin’s car on the way to work. To get out of trouble, she pretended not to speak English. But luck’s not in Min Joon’s way because it turns out that Robin’s her new boss.

Robin then picked her to be his assistant for an important project. Now I don’t get why he did this, especially after what happened earlier. No matter what the reasons might be, we all know where this will lead to.

Robin and Min Joon are complete opposites of each other. Min Joon tries too hard to please and care for her boyfriend, which in turn makes him feel suffocated and drives him away. Robin on the other hand is a confident but arrogant guy who is successful in his career and could probably get any girl if he wants to.

When Mn Joon was dumped by her boyfriend, Robin told her that she’ll be treated like trash all her life if she doesn’t change her ways. She then asked him to teach her how to handle guys. Will the student fall for the teacher and vice versa? This part of Seducing Mr. Perfect felt like Ugly Truth but the Korean movie came out first. Does this mean the Katherine Heigl/Gerard Butler film was inspired by this one? We’ll never know the truth.

Uhm Jung Hwa and Daniel Henney have a good on-screen chemistry that their age difference is not even an issue. Seducing Mr. Perfect is Henney’s first movie and this is the reason why he seems lost in some scenes. Good thing Uhm Jung-hwa’s there to save him.

Seducing Mr. Perfect is a predictable movie where Robin and Min Joon kiss each other in the end. It has its share of cheesy quotes and funny scenes and would recommend it for those wanting to watch a fun romantic comedy.

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