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The Steam Experiment is about Jimmy (Val Kilmer), a deranged scientist who confesses to a newspaperman and later to Detective Mancini (Armand Assante) that he’s holding a group of people in a steam room to illustrate his theory on global warming. His only demand is to publish his theories.

There are lots of questions with regards to The Steam Experiment. Are the people trapped in the steam room still alive or dead? And is the whole scenario just made up or reality? What I do know is that this is one thriller that should be avoided at all costs.

Jimmy thinks that the Mayans were right and that the world will end in 2012 due to global warming. He set up this experiment to illustrate how humans will react when that time comes. The acting was decent with some nudity on the side but the movie was boring.

Catherine (Megan Brown): You don’t control him anymore. He controls you. Kill him and come home. I love you.

The writer wanted to provide a smart twist in the end but it only added to the frustration. As it turns out, the doctor and his wife were part of the group trapped in the steam room and that they’re in cahoots with Jimmy in this experiment.

I blamed this travesty called The Steam Experiment to poor writing. Jimmy is said to be brilliant but deranged scientist and he proclaimed that he’s light-years ahead of this time. Hmmm… How can time be measured in light years when it’s a measure of distance?

The Steam Experiment is a sleep-worthy movie. The Mayans forgot to warn us about this one. I wouldn’t recommend this movie even if it’s the only movie after 2012.

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