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The Education of Charlie Banks is Fred Durst’s directorial movie debut. Yup, you’ve read that right. Limp Bizkit’s front man came out with this movie in 2007 and if he didn’t tweet about it, I won’t even know it existed.

Don’t be misled by the title of the movie. The Education of Charlie Banks is not the education of Charlie Banks, played by Jesse Eisenberg. He’s already showing signs of maturity and intelligence right from the beginning of the film. It’s actually the education of Mick (Jason Ritter), Charlie’s childhood friend with a questionable character. Let’s just say that Mick would not be winning any Mr. Congeniality awards ever.

Mick shows up in Charlie’s dorm and mooches his way back into his life. He managed to get close with Charlie’s college friends and flirts with Charlie’s crush, Mary (Eva Amurri). It looks like the bully hasn’t changed his ways.

From the looks of things, Mick got his education in the end. He finally learned to show mercy and spared Charlie’s life. Some say Jason Ritter was weak in this movie but I beg to disagree. He managed to portray the bully role just right. A little more and it’ll be over acting already.

Fred Durst’s The Education of Charlie Banks is a good movie. It was well-written and its cast played their parts well. Fred Durst should do more films. I usually don’t like coming-of-age dramas but this one is a must-see.


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