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Densha Otoko or Train Man the TV series is based on the international bestselling book of the same title. If you want to know more about it, then you can check my Train Man book review. The Japanese TV series almost stayed true to the book with some modifications to the story.

All throughout the book, Train Man is just Train Man and Hermes is just Hermes. But in the TV drama series, Train Man is Yamada Tsuyoshi (Ito Atsushi) and Hermes is Aoyama Saori (Ito Misaki), who I think was perfect for the role. You’ll definitely fall for her at first sight.

What I liked about Train Man the drama series is that it took the liberty of making side plots that focused on the people who read the electronic bulletin board. It just shows that these people have their own problems but they are still there to support the Train Man.

Densha Otoko’s supporting cast featured familiar faces such as Hayami Mokomichi, Shiraishi Miho, Oguri Shun, and a very young Maki Horikita. Maki was uber kawaii in this one as she plays Tsuyoshi’s little sister who at first can’t stand the sight of his brother but she gets closer to him as the drama progresses. AKB48 fanboys should not miss the Deluxe Special because the group performs Skirt, Hirari during the opening of the Densha Otoko museum.

Maki Horikita (photo not from Densha Otoko)

Another thing the drama had that the book didn’t is that Tsuyoshi had a rival and this brought hilarious moments. It’s fortunate for our hero that Sakurai Kazuya (Toyohara Kosuke) had luck going against him and he didn’t have the support that the Train Man had.

If you’re not a reading kind, then I’ll suggest that you watch Train Man or Densha Otoko the TV series. There’s something for everyone to enjoy, whether you’re an otaku or not. It has eleven episodes with two specials. Just like the book, it has a good mix of humor and drama that makes it entertaining for everyone.

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