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Train Man by Hitori Nakano is an international bestseller based on true events. It’s about a geek who became a reluctant hero and defended the female passengers from an obnoxious drunk. One of the passengers sends him a pair of Hermes teacups as a thank-you present. He didn’t know what to do next, so he turned to an online message board for help. This is how the love story of Train Man and Hermes began.

Train Man is seen from the geek’s point of view but in message board form. The book is a compilation of posts from the time Train Man first met Hermes. You’ll see how he matures and step out of his cocoon as he discovers what he has been missing since birth. He found out that there’s more to life than animes, games, work, and sleep.

It’s not only geeks that would enjoy reading Train Man. It’s a romance novel from a male perspective that even women will find interesting. While reading the book, I felt like I’m experiencing Train Man’s epicness in real time. You’ll be anticipating his reports at the end of each date with Lady Hermes.

Train Man reminds us that among the trolls that lurk in various online forums, there are still netizens willing to help a stranger. Amidst the ASCII arts and the various off-topic posts, such as the episode on the Subservient Chicken, the book is hard to put down. Geek or no geek, Train Man is a must read.

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