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I don’t know how Observe and Report is labeled as a comedy, just like I don’t know why people are calling Seth Rogen a comedy genius.  I adore Anna Faris and her humor but her presence can’t lighten up this disastrous excuse of a movie.


Seth Rogen plays Ronnie, a mall guard, who is trying to catch a flasher in the mall premises.  It is compounded with a burglary in one of the mall stores and he’s pressured to find out who did it.  With all these things happening at work, he pursues his dream of becoming a true cop.

Ronnie the mall guard alienates himself from the people around him and in turn, with the viewers as well.  You can relate to him at all.  At first you might laugh with his social ineptness but the joke grows old fast and it stays that way all throughout the movie.  His character never develops into someone that he could root for.  Shooting a streaker was overkill.  If I have a say on things, it should have been director/writer Jody Hill who should be shot for making Observe and Report.

Brandi (Anna Faris): It’s like my mom always said: you can polish a turd, but it’s still a piece of shit.

I do enjoy good dark comedies but Observe and Report is not one of them.  You should keep kids from it. It has brutal, violent scenes, drug use, date rape and a full frontal nudity of an ugly guy.  If you want to be depressed then go ahead and download this one.  Although I don’t think that it’s worth your bandwidth.

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