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I Love You, Man is not your typical romantic comedy.  It’s about Peter (Paul Rudd) who has no guy friends and has to find one to be the best man for his wedding.  I’m a guy and I don’t know any guy that doesn’t have a guy friend.  Even gays have guy friends.


Peter went on “guy dates” to find the perfect guy for him but he can’t find his soul mate until he met Sydney Fife (Jason Segel).  They immediately click with each other as if they were meant to be together forever and that’s what I don’t like about I Love You, Man.

I Love You, Man is a chick flick with male leads.  Paul Rudd and Jason Segel are great comedians but they can’t save this movie from becoming a disaster.  I love Jason Segel’s Forgetting Sarah Marshall and I cringe every time I see Peter act awkwardly towards Sydney.  Maybe a bromance is not what I had in mind when I pushed the play button.

Sydney Fife (Jason Segel): Peter, I am a man.  I have an ocean of testosterone flowing through my veins.

And Peter is a woman. I don’t know how Peter managed to get himself a wife.  Maybe girls like their man to be just like them.  I Love You, Man might be enjoyable for the female of the species but it is not for me.  Even a cameo of Lou “The Hulk” Ferrignon can’t boost the testosterone level of this movie.

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