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Hooking Up is an unfunny attempt at a teen sex comedy.  I don’t know how the producers got Corey Feldman to star in it.  Yes, he’s the same guy who starred in classic 80’s movies such as Lost Boys, Goonies, and Gremlins.  Here he plays Ryan, a college dude who mistreats his girlfriend Caroline played by Alison Whitney.


It tried to be funny but failed miserably.  The opening scene is the barometer whether you can withstand Hooking Up or not.  If you can survive the first five minutes of the movie and find it to be funny, then watch the whole thing.  But if you’re tortured by it, you’re in for more of the same throughout the movie and I suggest that you stop watching.

I don’t have anything against low-budget movies but Hooking Up just doesn’t make sense.  You’re waiting for the time Ryan will get what he deserves but instead he’s rewarded in the end.  He even managed to get Michelle (Leah Viens-Gordon) to be his partner.

Being an 80’s baby, I loved seeing Corey Feldman and Bronson Pinchot again.  For my younger readers, Bronson used to star in the 80’s sitcom Perfect Strangers.  Anyway, even his cameo in Hooking Up can’t salvage it from being a total wreck.  Also in the movie is Brian O’Halloran.  Being a Kevin Smith fan, I want to like this movie because Dante is in it but I can’t.

Now let’s talk about the hot points of Hooking Up.  The female stars were hot. I’m talking about Alison Whitney, Leah Viens-Gordon and Allyson Muñoz.  They made the movie bearable when either one of them is part of the scene.  There was a party scene and I was turned off by the extras.  C’mon, if you want to beat American Pie at least have the decency to get hot extras for the crowd.

Hooking Up is not worth your time.  Don’t watch it even if your life depends on it.  Corey Feldman used to be my hero growing up and seeing him in this movie disappointed me.  Spare yourself the frustrations and avoid this movie no matter what.

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