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The remake of The Last House of the Left remained faithful to the original.  Its brutality and gruesomeness is something Wes Craven can be proud of.  I’m not usually fond of remakes but this one is an exemption.


Mari (Sara Paxton) and her parents are on vacation at their lake house, when she decided to drive to town to meet her friend Paige (Martha MacIsaac).  At first her mom (Monica Potter) doesn’t like the idea but she had to let her go when her father (Tony Goldwyn) allowed her to go.

While in town, Mari and Paige met the mysterious Justin (Spencer Treat Clark) and they went with him back to his motel room.  Just when they’re having fun and getting high, they were interrupted by Krug (Garret Dillahunt) and his gang (Aaron Paul and Riki Lindhome).  Being on the run from the cops, they decided that the two girls were liabilities to be left alive.  But for this dastardly gang, murder is not enough.  They raped them first before killing them.  The rape scene was not graphic but it was one of the disturbing ones I’ve ever seen on screen.  You can really feel her pain.  No private parts were shown but you’ll remember it even after the end credits.

Krug (Garret Dillahunt):  What are the odds, man? Of course your little girl had a lot to do with it.  You should be proud. How’d you make us, anyway?  Did my fucking kid rat us out?  That’s it, isn’t it?  My fucking kid!  Figured out who you were and blabbered his brains.  Hey, by the way, y’all did a bang up job on my brother.  He is really fucking dead down there!

The Last House on the Left is the type of movie where you’re waiting for the time justice is served.  This was expected but how they got it was brutal and I love it.  Of all the houses the gang can go to, they choose Mari’s.  And to add to their misfortune, Mari is still alive and has managed to crawl back home.  Her parents knew it was Krug and his gang who did it when Justin left Mari’s necklace in the kitchen.

The Last House on the Left is not for the faint of heart.  For a remake, it managed to stay true to the original.  The acting was great and the story was well-made.  I would recommend this to those who enjoy blood and violence in their movies.

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