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The French thriller Le Serpent had a promising start.  It established the characters quite well and the audience will want to see what will happen next.  Yvan Attal as Vincent and Clovis Cornillac as Plender did a good job acting-wise.


It’s also a bonus that the movie had Olga Kurylenko play as eye candy in the first quarter of the movie.  Although she’s not seen moving in the later part of The Serpent, her role was vital to the story.  I do think that this movie paved the way towards being a Bond girl.

Halfway through The Serpent, we find out why Plender is out to wreak Richard’s life.  If you were the human punching bag in junior high, you would want to do the same.  Like I said before, character development is one thing this movie had.

But as time goes by, the movie became boring.  Maybe I just got more important things on my mind than finding out how Richard’s agony will end.  The Serpent also became too predictable and it suddenly became The Fugitive, not that I don’t like the Harrison Ford starrer.  The Serpent went from an escape from court, to hiding in a hotel, to blackmailing the blackmailer with the corpse of his mother.

I didn’t mind reading subtitles for two hours.  I actually enjoy reading.  I didn’t mind that I know only Olga Kurylenko and she died before the halfway mark.  The other actors’ performances were riveting.  What I don’t like about The Serpent is that it spent too much time telling the tale of how Plender planned to destroy Richard to avenge his mother’s suicide and it ended stupidly.  Tell me how the cops scouring Richard’s place for his family didn’t notice a shelf blocking a doorway?

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