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Tokyo Shonen or Tokyo Boy is about a girl named Minato who has a pen pal named Night. She also fell in love with a boy named Shu. The movie is told through the eyes of the three characters involved in this bizarre love triangle.


Maki Horikita takes on a challenging role, playing both Minato and Night in the movie. As a Tokyo boy, Horikita was scary. You can automatically tell whether she’s Minato or Night in the scene. I don’t want to be left with Night in the toilet alone.

I found Tokyo Boy to be slow. I don’t like how scenes were repeated to tell the story through the eyes of another person. It made some scenes redundant and I had to control myself from pushing the fast forward button. Horikita’s charm stopped me from doing so.

Overall, Tokyo Boy is a fun thriller. Finding out Night’s true identity, his connection with Minato and how Shu helped Minato resolve her problems in the end made it worth watching. I do believe that this movie could have been better. At least it introduced me to Maki Horikita. I expect better projects for her in the future.

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