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no-mercy-for-the-rudeLooking at the plot, everything’s not going well for No Mercy for the Rude. We have a short tongued assassin (Shin Ha Gyun) who aspires to be a bull fighter in a country that doesn’t even have bull fighting. Then he is teamed up with a more experienced killer (Kim Min Jun) who dreams of becoming a dancer.

Add in the mix an orphan kid (Kang San) who’s looking for a father figure and a girl from the past (Yun Ji Hye) with a sad story. It tried to mix serious action, comedy and drama but it failed miserably. The audience, as with my case, can’t get into the story because No Mercy for the Rude barraged the viewers with lots of plot elements that the emotions change from one to another in an instant.

No Mercy for the Rude is irritating to the point that you might not want to finish it at all. And don’t get me started with the ending.

Koreans movies love to have surprise endings but No Mercy for the Rude had an anticlimactic end that made me regret watching it and wished I stopped the movie in the middle and made my own ending.

Killa learned that the girl is his childhood friend from the orphanage. She’s abused by her stepfather, who is the mob leader. She killed the mob leader but the enemy assassin got to her. Killa then tried to save her but he died in the process.

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