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I passed on the recent Eddie Murphy movies because I find them not funny anymore. I was supposed to be working but my mind is on the major WoW patch (Echoes of Doom) and I can’t get any work done. So to distract myself from WoW for now, I watched Meet Dave. I’m glad I did just that.

The movie is about aliens in our planet with their ship disguised as a human Dave. It’s like Coming to America meets Pluto Nash but funnier. Well, anything’s funnier than Pluto Nash. The aliens are Lilliputian in size and controls Dave’s thought and actions. Through Dave’s interaction with Gina (Elizabeth Banks) and her son Josh (Austyn Myers), the aliens learned how to be human.

As the crew discovers various human emotions, it shows through Dave. Some people are like that in a way. It’s like they are controlled by diverse personalities within their body. Maybe there really are aliens living amongst us. Or maybe I’m just trying to divert my attention away from World of Warcraft for now.

But seriously, Eddie Murphy is back to the Eddie Murphy I used to laugh to. I grew up with the Beverly Hills Cop series and that’s the Eddie Murphy I want. Not the Eddie Murphy who wants to play every single character in a movie. Come to think of it, Murphy plays two roles in this movie but it’s not irritating as the Klumps.

Meet Dave succeeded in getting my mind off World of Warcraft for a while. It was enjoyable and well made. But then again, I’ll watch anything just to keep me from checking if my realm’s already up. BTW, Quel’Dorei’s green and I’m off to the barbershop.

And yes, I am Dave Ming Chang!

Shoe flew off.

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